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How pure is the water provided by the MECKOW EPA20?

  • The water produced by the MECKOW EPA20 is suitable for general purposes such as cooking, washing and drinking.
  • All bacteria e.g. E.coli, Cholera and Salmonella are removed from the water.
  • Contaminants such as Cryptosporidium, Cysts, Turbidity, heavy metals are successfully removed by the filter process.

What quantity of water does the MECKOW EPA20 produce?

  • The MECKOW EPA20 is capable of producing 20m3/h of potable water. Maximum treatment capacity may vary depending on source water quality.
  • This plant can also be used to increase the capacity of any existing systems.

What water source can the MECKOW EPA20 use?

  • The MECKOW EPA20 can produce potable water from any kind of raw fresh water source.
  • It can also remove any iron, manganese and sulphur that may be present in groundwater sources.

How easy is it to transport and install the MECKOW EPA20?

  • The plant is made from Epoxy Coated Carbon steel and weighs approximately 6000kg. The unassembled parts and all components fit inside a 40ft container making shipment very easy.
  • The estimated installation time is 15 days.

How does the MECKOW EPA20 process work?

  • The treatment process consists of conventional coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration and disinfection.
    • Coagulation: Rapid mixing takes place in the raw water inlet pipe, where the chemicals are fed directly into the pipe via a dosing system, 1 m upstream from the plant inlet.
    • Hydraulic flocculation: The MECKOW EPA20 has a two stage hydraulic flocculation process. Here the water is gently mixed as it flows past vertical baffles placed in the flocculation channels.
    • Sedimentation: The MECKOW EPA20 has one high rate settling tank, with settling tubes inclined 60° towards the horizontal plane.
    • Rapid filtration: The plant has four declining rate rapid filters, with an automatic backwash system.
    • Dosing system: Chemicals used in the treatment process are metallic coagulants (like aluminium sulphate, ferric chloride, etc), alkalinity regulators and disinfectants.

Latest News

20th Feb 2013

The hospital was built by Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) in 1998 and donated to the community. Water supply has been from the borehole drilled within the hospital complex.

15th Dec 2012

During December 2012 and inspection was carried out on the installation of the MECKOW Aquapur water purification unit at a private residential development in Lekkie, Lagos, Nigeria.

13th Dec 2012

During December 2012, Andrew Kluckow of Meckow International, carried out and inspection of the Project in Ovade village in Delta State, Nigeria. The Project was financed by a Major Corporate on their CSR Program and is ready to handed over to the community.